Metrology & Gauging

Chamfer Gauges (3)

Internal Taper Gauge (IKT/IKT-OS/IKT-ID)

The Diatest internal taper gauge measures the largest diameter of a conical bore or a conical keyway. An IKT replaces previous slower and more expensive gauging methods.


Principle: Introduce the tapered plunger into the hole or slot and press the gauge firmly and evenly against the surface of the part. The measured value can be read off clearly from the special indicator.
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External Taper Gauge (AKT)

The Diatest AKT measures the smallest diameter of an external cone.


Principle: Put the tapered plunger over external cone to be measured and press the gauge firmly and evenly against the surface of the part. The measured value can be read off clearly from the special indicator.
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Chamfer Gauge (KT/KT-B)

The Diatest chamfer gauge measures directly a 45° chamfer on rectangular and cylindrical work pieces, even bores and slots.  For other angles of chamfer the gauge can be used as a comparative - gauge (no 1:1 reading).  Radii can be measured using a calculation formula (no 1:1 reading)


Principle: Press the gauge firmly with the two jars at the surface of work piece. In case of 45° chamfers the value can be read directly at the indicator.

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