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Crankshaft Gauge

The DIATEST Crankshaft gauge is applicable for checking crankshafts and crankshaft bearings of motors for ships, cars, trucks etc.  Also in departments for grinding crankshafts, repair of crankshafts and especially for checking of motors or compressors in situ.

Sturdy in design and furnished with hardened gauging points.  Ideally suited to rugged working conditions.
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Plug Gauge

Diatest Plug gauges (BMD) are self-indicating, self-centering, highprecision measurement instruments. These easy-to-use gauges are suitable for both static and dynamic measurements. They can be used for manual detection of dimensional deviations and shape defects errors in bores in serial measurement at the machine but may also be installed in measuring equipment and automated systems.

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Plunger Probe

Apart from checking the diameter Diatest large bore gauges can detect shape deviations of the bore such as conical form, barrel shape, out of- roundness etc. Also, plunger probes can be used for gauging parallel distances.  Plunger probes are produced as standard also in blind bore style (FB).


Features include easy handling, adaptability to most bore gauging applications and large measuring ranges.

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Split-Ball Probe

Universal bore gauges for indicating internal measurements. The modular design with extensive accessories enables gauging of most common bores. This allows use for serial and individual control as well as preferentially in the plant directly at the production machine. Due to different styles through bores, blind bores, parallel distances, etc. can be gauged.

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The DIATEST TD-Gauge+ allows the simultaneous gauging of thread depth and detecting of No-Go gauges.

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TD-Gauge+ Digital

The digital display allows to transfer the depth readings to a computer by means of a data cable (OPTO-USB, OPTO-RS232) or via a transmitter module (MDU-OPTO-S). The advantage of the radio transmission is the free scope which is limited by the cable length when using the data cable.

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